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I. Requirements for amusement machine operation

1. First, train the operation, maintenance, and management personnel.

2. The operator should operate according to the operation steps of the equipment.

3. The difference and effect of manual operation and automatic operation of supporting equipment. General equipment automatic operation is used as operation operation, and manual operation is used for debugging, inspection, repair and maintenance.

4. Steps and requirements for supporting and disembarking passengers to prevent serious partial load and overload.

5. Support failure handling and emergency measures to guide passengers.

Maintenance of amusement machines

1. Maintenance personnel should understand the structure and performance of the equipment, and have professional knowledge. The professional characteristics of general amusement machines are mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and automatic control. Users should be equipped with professional maintenance personnel according to the characteristics of the equipment.

2. Common support failures and troubleshooting methods. (See instruction manual)

3. "Schedule III" in the instruction manual is the inspection period and maintenance record form for related items. The form has indicated "daily inspection, weekly inspection, monthly inspection, annual inspection and inspection for more than one year" and maintenance requirements. Users can Adjust the content according to the operation of the device.

4. In the manual of the amusement machine produced by our company, there are schematic diagrams of lubrication points. Users need to perform lubrication and regular oil change according to the specific requirements mentioned in the manual.

Three aspects of the attention of amusement machine

1. Environmental requirements, climate requirements, lightning protection and grounding requirements for equipment installation and operation.

2. The service life of supporting equipment should be comprehensively evaluated when it expires.

3. "Passenger Notice" must set up a conspicuous sign at the entrance to let passengers know the content, and staff should be familiar with the content of "Passenger Notice" to passengers at any time.

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