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Do you know the classification of playground design planning equipment?




A large-scale amusement park contains a very rich variety of amusement equipment. In recent years, many companies that have transformed from real estate to cultural tourism and real estate must first understand the classification of amusement equipment and facilities when they build a playground. Don't be blinded by it. Led by the design company!

In a word, a complete amusement park design plan includes: powered amusement equipment and unpowered amusement equipment.

The so-called non-powered amusement equipment is simply understood as an active experience type equipment with the characteristics of amusement equipment without the use of any unnatural external forces and energy. For example, naughty castles, inflatable castles, slides, expansions, climbing, etc. are all non-powered amusement equipment. (Also known as unpowered amusement equipment).



In addition, the current VR amusement equipment is also very hot. Every scenic area and amusement park must be configured. There are also 5D theaters, haunted houses, hand workshops, mini KTVs, etc., which must be matched with amusement parks. Amusement item type.

    The so-called power-type amusement equipment, a simple understanding is that amusement equipment that requires a power system to drive operation. Large-scale power amusement equipment runs at a line speed of 2m / s or more, or a manned large-scale amusement equipment with an operating height above or equal to 2m . Adults can take children to play.

Including cable car, scooter, aerial tour, gyro, flying tower, carousel, self-controlled aircraft, water rides, racing, small train, bumper car, battery car, sightseeing car Wait. Now there are many new types of powered amusement equipment on the market, such as Transformers, Egyptian Expedition, Air Force One, etc., which are different from the traditional and traditional amusement equipment. It is a list of equipment that can be considered for newly-built playgrounds.

As for how to place them together, you need to find a planning and design company to make a reasonable layout, consider the positioning of the amusement park, and configure the functional areas with reasonable playground design planning and the number of amusement equipment.


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