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Briefly explain the basic knowledge of playground design planning operation



When large-scale amusement equipment is put into operation in an amusement park, the main person in charge must be familiar with the relevant safety knowledge of large-scale amusement facilities, and undergo professional training and assessment before passing the job. In addition, the amusement park must be equipped with full-time safety Management personnel, responsible for the safety management of amusement facilities. The operating users, safety management agencies and safety management personnel should have the following theoretical basic knowledge:

     1. The professional knowledge of playground design and planning mainly includes: safety protection devices and safety bars provided thereon; safety belts; safety handles; locking devices; anti-reverse devices; limit devices; speed limit devices; anemometers; buffer devices; Pressure protection device; other safety protection device. Operating system control button color identification; emergency button; sound and signal; operating procedures of typical large-scale amusement facilities. Safety inspection safety warning instructions and warning signs; inspection contents before operation; daily inspection items and their contents; operation records. Identification of common faults and abnormal situations of emergency measures for large-scale amusement facilities; typical emergency rescue methods; commonly used first-aid measures; basic handling methods for large-scale amusement facility accidents.



2. The basic knowledge of playground design and planning mainly includes: the duties of large-scale amusement facility operators; definitions and terms of large-scale amusement facilities; classification, classification, structural characteristics, main parameters and sports forms of large-scale amusement facilities; safety voltage; platform service order; large-scale amusement Conditions for safe operation of the facility; notice to passengers.

3. Knowledge of laws and regulations mainly includes: “Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations”; “Special Equipment Operator Supervision and Management Measures”; “Special Equipment Operator Evaluation Rules”; “Special Equipment Quality Supervision and Safety Supervision Regulations”; “Amusement Facilities Safety Technology” "Supervision Regulations (Trial)"; "Rules for Supervision and Inspection of Amusement Facilities (Trial)"; "Registration Rules for the Registration and Use of Special Equipment" and relevant amusement facility standards.

Tips for amusement: Large-scale amusement equipment operation and operation units should be equipped with licensed operators who meet the requirements of safe operation in accordance with the requirements of safety technical specifications and operation and maintenance instructions, and strengthen the pre-job training and education of service personnel so that they master basic emergency technologies To assist operators in emergency response.


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