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Amusement equipment manufacturers briefly describe how amusement equipment should not be stored



Amusement equipment is not a ready-to-sale product. Each type of amusement equipment will produce a lot. At this time, storage is involved. Storage of amusement equipment is related to moisture, moisture, insect, odor, and corrosion prevention. Therefore, we Need to know what to pay attention to the storage of amusement equipment!

     First, remember to cut off the power.

     No matter what kind of amusement equipment is not used for a long time, we must cut off the power to prevent accidents. This can also lengthen the service life of our new amusement equipment.

     Second, when the amusement equipment enters the warehouse storage, we must pay attention to the maintenance of moisture and corrosion protection, as well as mosquito bites. Otherwise, the equipment will be unusable, and some minor damage may be caused if it is not used in time. The accident happened.



Third, it is also important to keep the amusement equipment clean.

     Amusement equipment manufacturers stated that good cleaning can keep new amusement equipment from being corroded by pollution and easier to store. When the new amusement equipment is not used for a long time, we must pay attention to the storage method to ensure the long-term use of children's new amusement equipment.

     Metal parts must not have sharp exposed parts, such as screws. If your child's clothes are caught, they will be harmed. The exposed part can be covered with a lid. When selecting materials, use high-performance, high-quality, and durable materials. High-speed and fast playback equipment. To prevent passengers from falling, safety fences must be provided.

     Amusement equipment manufacturers have carefully considered many aspects of their products when designing their products. Especially in terms of safety, there are many requirements, and these requirements are also to ensure the safety of passengers.


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