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Why must choose carousel in playground design planning



In the operator industry, the amusement equipment that many people are familiar with is the merry-go-round. For our amusement equipment manufacturers, they are always developing and producing amusement equipment. So how does a carousel amusement equipment illustrate its influence? How about it? In fact, the status of the carousel in the entire industry is very simple. This can determine its influence and strength. The following is a brief analysis by the editor of the amusement equipment manufacturer:

     The merry-go-round is a benchmark for playgrounds, parks, outdoor, indoor and other venues, so different operating venues will choose such equipment as the number one choice, and it is easy to be known and increase the occupancy rate. With the advent of the merry-go-round, then people have abandoned this project, because a merry-go-round in a venue can easily attract a large number of people. If repeated, then people's ideas and gameplay are gone, then this carousel will play Very important role, as long as it can run well, then it is rarely able to grab the carousel business, then a good income will come!



In the entire amusement equipment industry, the merry-go-round amusement equipment plays a very important role, and the adjustment of the merry-go-round in terms of appearance and decoration will occupy the entire market and increase the sales share of the operating site, then its influence will be stronger .

      Our rides can hang gameplay on the side of the new ride and let staff demonstrate how to play the game. At this time, if the selected employees have higher affinity, they will attract more people.

      We can hug balloons, ribbons, etc. next to the children's play equipment so that we can better attract the children's attention. If our business conditions permit, we can launch a free game demo that can attract more people to experience and make it easier for kids to enjoy it. We can do some promotions for this device, such as the length of time offered at the same price, which will make it easier for parents to accept.


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