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Large rides are not accessible to everyone




Many people think that large-scale amusement facilities are fun and exciting, so just go to the playground and buy tickets to play. This is not the case. If you take a closer look at the design of the playground, you will find that at the ticket office of the playground, there will be a detailed tourist notice. Some items in the park are not suitable for high blood pressure, heart disease patients, pregnant women, and obviously drunks. Clear labeling. And there will be corresponding reminders at the corresponding device play places. The playground can only serve as a reminder. After all, we ca n’t go out to buy tickets with a medical report.

   In addition to these conventional taboos, some devices also require height for tourists. Depending on the project, the requirements for tourists are different, and there are generally restrictions of 110cm, 140cm, and 150cm. Parents with children should pay attention before queuing. If the child is not tall enough, use another device to play, otherwise it is a waste of time. It's not that large-scale amusement equipment manufacturers have a prejudice against height, but that this equipment was designed with accurate calculations and comprehensive experiments in order to ensure the experience. Only within a certain height range can a safe experience. This set of conditions is exactly the performance of the manufacturer's serious and responsible tourists. I want to remind everyone here that some parents feel that their children are almost enough. It is not advisable to lame or something when buying tickets. Once an accident occurs, it will be devastating.



Large-scale amusement facilities are generally very exciting, and they bring people thrilling feelings through changes in speed and location. Finding a balance between safety and this feeling is inseparable from our various safety devices. Let ’s take a look at the large-scale amusement equipment companies in order to protect the safety of passengers when playing certain amusement equipment, what kind of safety protection equipment will be installed on the amusement equipment?

   The playground design and planning to protect these equipment for passengers must have sufficient bearing capacity to ensure the safety of tourists when they are in a state of weightlessness. The seat belt is used for slight shaking, which helps passengers to be securely fixed on the amusement equipment during slight swings, to ensure that passengers are not thrown out when the lifting speed is slow, to avoid the danger of reverse.

   1. The seat belt can be used alone on facilities that have a slight swing or a slow lifting speed without being overturned and not thrown out of danger. Generally, auxiliary handles should be equipped when using the seat belt. Safety belts can be used as auxiliary restraints for facilities with intense movement.

   2. High-strength braided woolen belts are required for seat belts. The width must not be less than 30 mm. The seat belts must not break within 6000 Newtons. In addition, the link interface between the seat belt and the amusement device must be safe and reliable, and can withstand the various traction forces generated within the passenger's controllable range.

   3, the seat belt needs to be used as a second set of restraint device, which needs to play an independent design role. Play an independent protection role.


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