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How to improve after-sales service for amusement equipment manufacturers




For any industry, after-sales service is very important, especially for large amusement equipment manufacturers. For manufacturers, users are playgrounds and even tourists. Therefore, professional amusement equipment manufacturers need to achieve perfect after-sales service.

       The amusement equipment manufacturers did a small survey, randomly selected playground visitors, and asked them what they knew about the equipment they played. Few people can accurately name the industry name of the equipment, and they even ask the manufacturer about it. In fact, this phenomenon is very common. Throughout the amusement equipment market, the phenomenon of homogenization is very serious, and relying solely on product design and marketing innovation can no longer break this gap.



The speed of the manufacturer's response to the faulty equipment determines the customer's retention. Playgrounds are very common nowadays, and there is not only one option. If the equipment of a certain playground is not repaired for a long time and cannot be used, the score will definitely be reduced in the minds of tourists. Originally, due to various reasons, adults go to work and children have less time to hang out together. Parents definitely want their children to go out and have fun. If the equipment they want to play is always under repair, they will be in a bad mood. The customer experience of the manufacturer's after-sales relationship is related to the business and profit of the playground, which is not trivial. Manufacturers need to do the following:

   Establish a good after-sales service network. In this way, customers can find the after-sales service department of the children's amusement equipment manufacturer faster, so that the after-sales service becomes more convenient.


    Carry out good statistics and management of the information of each partner, so that when the customer seeks after-sales service, the amusement equipment manufacturer can query the customer's information faster.

   Good communication. Good communication with customers, so that we can more accurately understand the needs of customers, so that we can improve the response speed of after-sales service.

   Of course, the more important thing is to improve the speed of problem processing, solve problems in a shorter time, and be efficient and high quality. In this case, the development of manufacturers must be better and better.


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